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    Waratte Iitomo’s Telephone Shocking [2007.03.12]

    Meisa went to promote her butai and Haikei chichiue-sama.

    Meisa: I’ll be calling someone I’m starring with: Ninomiya Kazunari-san.
    Tamori: Ooh. Ah, that’s right, he’s in it. You’ve got quite a few people in this drama. 
    Meisa: Yes, we do.
    Tamori: Yachigusa-san is in it, right?
    Meisa: Yes. 
    Tamori: And Ninomiya-san as well?
    Meisa: Yes.
    Girl: Hello, may I speak to Ninomiya-san, please?
    Tamori: Umemiya and Ninomiya.
    Meisa: Umemiya and Ninomiya.

    Aiba: Hello?
    Aiba: Hi! …. huh? Ah, you wanted Ninomiya?
    Meisa: Hello?
    Aiba: Ah! This is Arashi’s Aiba! You have the wrong number!
    Meisa: What!?
    Nino: Behave yourself! 
    Aiba: Yay!
    Nino: Sorry about that!
    Meisa: Hello?
    Sho: Go, go!
    Nino: Hello?
    Meisa: Hello?
    Nino: Hello?
    Meisa: Yes, is this Ninomiya-san?
    Nino: No, it’s not.
    Meisa: Never mind then, sorry about this.
    Nino: What is it?
    Meisa: I’ll pass the phone to Tamori-san.
    Nino: Ah, you’re passing it over? Okay.
    Tamori: Who is this?
    Nino: It’s Ninomiya, sorry.
    Tamori: So it IS you!
    Arashi: We’re Arashi~!
    Tamori: What’s going on?
    Nino: I have work with the rest of Arashi right now.
    Tamori: What are you doing?
    Arashi: You are my soul soul itsumo sugu soba ni aru
    Nino: Sorry for the din in the back.
    Tamori: No that’s great, thank you, thank you.
    Nino: Not at all.
    Tamori: Can you make it to Iitomo tomorrow?
    Nino: Yes!
    Tamori: Can you come down tomorrow?
    Nino: But of course! (*he says “iitomo!”, a shout-out to the title of the segment)
    Arashi: But of course~!
    Tamori: I’ll be waiting.

    Nino’s manager: AIBA MASAKI XD

    you guys are INCREDIBLE w<

    Aiba-chan, you legend! Arashi is amazing <3

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